鸭子 & 幼鹅


  • 孵卵器空间/热: 日龄家禽应开始在一个适当的空间,如谷仓, 建设上超越, 地下室, 鸡舍或车库.  It is important to make sure your brooder space is clean and disinfected prior to using it, 特别是如果以前在那里养过家禽的话. 无论你把它们放在床上还是电线地板上, there should be some type of solid wall or partition around them to prevent drafts. 确保狗、猫和啮齿动物不被靠近. Initially each baby duckling or gosling needs about 1/3 square foot of pen space. What works best for larger areas is a brooder ring of cardboard 18 inches high with a heat lamp hung over the center of the area.  Doing a ring/circle will not leave any square corners for baby poultry to pile in the corners and keeping them from wondering off too far from the heat and food source. 先把灯挂在离地面18英寸的地方. A thermometer placed on the floor should read 95 degrees directly under the lamp/heat source.  Raise the lamp every 3-4 days to gradually decrease the heat level to 90-85 degrees.
  • 床上用品: 使用2到4英寸的干垃圾, 如松木刨花, 切碎的稻草或其他适当的床上用品. 不要使用报纸或其他光滑的材料, this can cause legs to slip out from underneath them and cause serious leg problems. 我们也不建议使用雪松片, 对待刨花, 大而厚的木屑或满是灰尘的木屑作为床上用品.
  • 水: Make sure you provide plenty of containers of water based on amount of poultry. 提供室温水. 洗 & 每隔几天清洗一次容器. We recommend adding our Streseez Plus (1 teaspoon per three gallons of water) to their drinking water.
  • 提要: 对鸭和鹅使用非药物饲料. Use a good starter feed, (ask your local feed dealer) then switch to a grower feed.


到达: The post office should notify you when your order arrives and will ask you to pick them up. We suggest notifying your post office to let them know you are expecting an order of live animals.  到达后先引入室温水, 这是运输过程中最重要的营养物质.

性感的鸟: If you ordered sexed birds there will be a colored rubber band on the leg to distinguish the sex and breed. Once you have determined what the breed and sex is by that band please remove it off the leg. The description of the band color will be on the back of delivery slip.

还记得….幼禽可能携带使人生病的细菌.  Avoid contaminating human food and always wash your hands after caring for them.

观察的行为判断鸟儿是否舒适的最好方法是观察它们. 当它们冷的时候,它们会大声地挤在一起, 如果舒适的话,他们会相当安静. If they are huddled to one side there is a draft moving the heat to that direction. If they are staying away from the lamp, the lamp is too low or it’s too warm in the room. 在灯下挤作一团说明它们需要更多的热量. 如果他们分散在整个钢笔喝酒, 吃饭睡觉你有一个完美的生活空间.


Normally brooder temperature can be dropped about 5 degrees a week and can be turned off during the day by 2-3 weeks of age unless you live in cooler weather areas then by 3-5 weeks of age eventually weaning them off the extra heat completely. If raising them in warmer weather, heat may only be needed for a couple of weeks. You’ll have to determine by their age and permitting weather to allow them to go outdoors for brief periods of time during the day. Once they are fully feathered around 7 to 9 weeks of age staying outdoors all the time will be perfectly fine but they should have a shelter to protect them from too much sun and heavy rains.

随着他们的成长: Young poultry (especially waterfowl) grow very fast you will need to enlarge their pen as they grow and keep up with clean bedding as necessary.

水面积: Waterfowl are messy with their water and for this it is best to make a wire platform on which the waterer can sit on. With using a platform set up, any spilled water goes through the wire and out of reach. 他们无法追踪到床上的东西,也无法把它弄成泥坑. Their drinking water stays cleaner plus their pen or pasture also stays dry.

小家伙 可以在1/2“硬布上放置在锅上的婴儿. The platform should be large enough to extend at least 6" out from the edge of the waterer for the babies.

成年人 1 ' '的焊丝可以钉在木十字架上吗. 这可以放在一个坑在地面上的成年人. The platform should be large enough to extend at least 30" out from the edge of the waterer for adults.

游泳:  You can carefully introduce water to 小鸭 and 幼鹅 as early as one week. 它们必须能够很容易地在水里进出. The water should not be too cold and they must be able to find their heat lamp for rewarming. 在这个年龄,它们的羽毛上没有油, so they cannot be in the water for long periods or they will become waterlogged and chilled. Exposure to water speeds the development of their oil gland allowing them to be swimming freely by five or six weeks of age.


当接收家禽时,请注意, 饲养家禽是很重要的, but you must also protect yourself from potentially harmful micro-organisms, germs (including salmonella) and bacteria by direct contact with poultry and livestock.

  • DO supervise children when handling poultry and ensure hand washing after contact.

  • DO carefully and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and hot water after handling poultry and anything in the area where they live and roam (if soap and water are not available use hand sanitizer).

  • 保持 poultry outside, and especially out of areas where food and drink is prepared, served or stored. 也要远离浴室.

  • 用鼻子,依偎或亲吻你的牲畜或家禽. 

  • 让5岁以下的儿童服用, elderly and people with weakened immune systems handle or touch livestock including poultry.

  • 与活家禽(小鸡)接触, 鸡, 小鸭, 鸭子, 幼鹅, 鹅和bwin电子游戏官网)可能是人类感染沙门氏菌的源头.

  • Salmonella germs are shed in their droppings and can easily contaminate their bodies and anything in areas where birds live and roam.

  • Chicks, 小鸭, and other poultry can carry Salmonella germs and still appear healthy and clean.

  • Salmonella germs can cause a diarrheal illness in people that can be mild, 严重的, 甚至威胁生命.


From meat birds to layers, we have the quality day old poultry you’ve been searching for. 今天就下订单,把你的羊群送到家门口.