Payment Options by website, phone and mail-order.

1. Credit cards– we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 

  • Payment by credit card on the website will process within a 24 hour period.
  • 如果订单是提前被叫到办公室的,你的卡将在发货前2周被扣款.

2. Checks or Money Orders 

  • You can send in payment by check or money order with an order form. 
    • If the total of the order ends up being less than your mail-in amount, we can offer a refund, 为将来的购买或如果适用额外的产品添加到订单使钱工作的信贷. We will contact you with options. 如果总结果是更多,我们将邮寄一个发票,说明剩余余额应付.

3. Phone Orders 

  • Place your order by phone and we can send out an invoice for you to send payment, or you can pay by credit card over the phone.

4. Multiple Orders 

  • 如果您计划在整个赛季安排多个订单,请致电我们的办公室.
    • Depending upon total amount ordered of certain breeds there maybe discounts.
    • Credit cards will process two weeks before order date or you can pay by check.

Shipping Procedure

Allow 1 to 3 days for your order to reach your local post office. 接到通知后,请准备好尽快去邮局接你的小鸡. Your contact information and phone number will be on the box. Usually the post office notifies you promptly upon arrival. It is a good idea to notify your post office that you are expecting an order of chicks.

Hatch and shipping dates are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  The specific ship day for your order will be given to you with an arrival time frame. We are unable to guarantee an exact arrival day.  Poultry is shipped to your local post office for you to pick up there. 邮局收到你的货物后,会根据你给我们的电话号码与你联系,索取邮寄标签. Usually shipments arrive in the morning, but depending on truck deliveries your order could possibly arrive in the afternoon.

*Being that we are dealing with live poultry, occurrences can arise that your ship date may be adjusted. If in any case your order is going to be delayed, 我们将通知您的改变或提供一个可供选择的品种的船舶日孵化. 

*我们在运输的任何地方都会定期监测天气状况,由于天气状况,小鸡会尽可能妥善包装. 有时,如果天气特别冷,我们可能会在订单中添加小公鸡,以确保小鸡能保持温暖,甚至由于天气原因延迟订单.

Custom Delivery
We have delivery vehicles that are specially designed to transport day-old chicks. Call our office at to learn more about this transportation cost service for large orders.


Cancellation Policy

Canceling your order by phone , emailing is allowed but we highly prefer you calling us.

*Any order that has been received and charged to the card but not shipped, a $5.00 service fee will be deducted from the credit to cover card processing fees.

*Canceling two weeks prior to the order hatch/mail out date there will be a $5.00 fee.
Plus any credit card processing fee ($5.00) if it applies.

*Canceling 14 days to 2 days before hatch there will be a $15.00 fee ($5.00 credit card fee plus $10.00 fee). 



Guarantee & Policies

If you have encountered an issue please call our customer service department at . We will discuss what options are available for replacement, credit or refund if any birds may have died during transportation. 

Do not return any live, sick or dead poultry back to us at any time.


买方理解并同意对家禽或活禽的处理可能导致污染或疾病, including but not limited to any strains of salmonella. 买方还理解并同意所述货物和/或服务以“原样”出售, where is” condition, with no warranty for any purpose or condition. 买方接受从Myers家禽农场有限责任公司购买所有货物和/或服务的所有风险和危险. (hereinafter the “Seller”), and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Seller against any and all costs, loss and liability, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, 因卖方提供或履行的任何货物和/或服务而造成的人身伤害和/或财产损失, including all claims based upon the alleged fault of Seller, whether or not also based upon the alleged fault of Purchaser. Such indemnification shall also include the Seller’s employees, agents, and representatives, 该等货物和/或服务是否在卖方或买方或其他地方提供或执行. The Purchaser shall defend, at the Purchaser’s sole cost and expense, 涉及货物和/或服务的第三方针对卖方的人身伤害或财产损害提起的任何诉讼或索赔

Consent/Acknowledgement/Terms & Conditions.
By using or visiting our site, you acknowledge our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use related to this site. With the reference business name as Myers Poultry/Myers Poultry Farm LLC., eastnaplesmerchantsassoc.com (also referred to as “provider”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “they”). 

Site Terms of Modifications.
bwin电子游戏有限责任公司可随时修改其网站的使用条款而不另行通知. 使用本网站即表示您同意受本使用条款及条件的约束.

Hatch Dates:  Dates selected on the site are estimated only. If there is an issue with the hatch date selected, we will contact you by phone or email. Dates may move based on availabity, hatching efficiency, and other circumstances.

Partner Hatcheries: Myers Poultry uses Partner Hatcheries to fulfill some orders. Some of these Hatcheries are located Outside the State of Pennsylvania.

Governing Law.
任何与本网站和bwin电子游戏/bwin电子游戏有限责任公司有关的索赔应受宾夕法尼亚州法律管辖,而不考虑其冲突法律条款. 以及您负责的所有适用的法律、法规和协议,并遵守任何适用的当地法律. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, you are prohibited from using or accessing this website. 本网站的资料和内容受适用的版权和商标法的保护.

Privacy Policy

如果您觉得我们没有遵守本隐私政策,您应该立即通过电话与我们联系 or by email info@eastnaplesmerchantsassoc.com 

Information We Collect, Use and Share.
我们只能接触/收集您通过电子邮件或其他直接bwin电子游戏自愿提供给我们的信息. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.
We may collect information (including name, address, telephone number, email address and, when necessary, credit card information), but not limited to, 您的互联网协议地址(每次您建立连接到互联网时自动分配给您的计算机的地址), the name of any referring websites, as well as your navigation and activity on our website. 
When you:
- Place an order from our catalog or on our website
- Request a catalog
- Receive a gift certificate 
- Inquire about our services
- Return an item or make an exchange
- Subscribe to our Email and Blog
- Enter one of our promotions
- Are referred to us through a marketing promotion
- Participate in a marketing survey, promotion or event 

Using Information We Collect.
Myers Poultry Farm希望提供最好的购物体验,在这个过程中,我们只使用您提供的关于您自己的信息来完成您的订单. 我们不会与外界分享这一信息,除非在必要的程度上完成您所要求的订单,以完全符合您的要求.
In order to do this, we collect information that allows us to:
- Process and track your order
- Provide the services you request
- Contact you about the status of an order
- Send you catalogs or promotional offers we believe will be of interest to you
- Identify your product and service preferences
- Customize our communications to you
- Provide information concerning problems with products you have purchased
- Improve our merchandise selection and provide enhanced customer service

Children 13 & under.
This is a general audience site. 我们不允许任何告诉我们他们是13岁以下的人在我们网上注册. We also do not collect information from anyone that tells us they are under the age of 13. 

Information We Share with Others & Privacy Rights.
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. On rare occasions, 我们可根据法院命令或法律要求披露具体信息. 我们还可能与协助欺诈保护或调查的公司共享信息. 我们不会为营销或商业目的向任何机构或公司提供信息.

How We Use Email.
By providing your email address, we may send you emails necessary to process your order or respond to a request. For example, after you place an order at www.eastnaplesmerchantsassoc.com, you will receive an email confirmation.

Links to Other Sites.
When we provide links to other websites we encourage you to review their policies, 这些网站独立于bwin电子游戏有限责任公司运作,并建立了自己的隐私和安全政策. 

When you make a purchase or create an account on our website, your transactional information is transmitted in a safe, encrypted format.
Our intent is to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you. 我们使用各种现有的技术和流程来保护我们的客户数据.

Changes to our Privacy Policy.
As we continue to improve the services, products, and features we provide, this Privacy Policy is subject to change. This Privacy Policy is subject to change without direct notice to you. 我们可能在任何时候通过在我们的网站上发布新的版本来更改我们的隐私政策. Therefore, you should review this Privacy Policy periodically when you visit our Site. 以下提供的日期将告知您本隐私政策的最新资料更新发生的时间.
Last modified October 31, 2019.


Updating or Reviewing Your Information.

To update your customer information (name, address, telephone number and email address), please contact us at the address below. A limited amount of purchase information also may be available to you. To protect your privacy, we will need to validate your identity before you update or review your information. 

Your Access to and Control over Information.
You can opt out at any time for any future contacts from us. You can also do the following at any time by contacting us via below:
- See data we have about you, if any
- Change/correct any data we have about you
- Have us delete any data we have about you
- Direct any concern about our use of your data

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